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PRODUCTS > Professional Aqueous polymers > KIMA-S116 AA/AMPS/SS Terpolymer

KIMA-S116 AA/AMPS/SS Terpolymer


KIMA-S116 AA/AMPS/SS, A low molecular weight, organic terpolymer consisting of carboxylic, sulfonic and sulfonated styrene groups, these groups synergize to produce superior scale inhibition and dispersancy. Inhibits scale resulting from calcium/magnesium carbonate, calcium phosphate, iron oxide and barium sulfate.

? Zero phosphorus content.

? Stable in the presence of halogen compound.

? Excellent Calcium Carbonate (Ca2+) and Calcium Phosphate inhibition resulting      from high Ca2+ sequestration value.

? Will not contribute to additional phosphorous content in system.

? High compatibility with other water treatment ingredients used in boiler and cooling tower.

? Superior dispersing properties towards silt, clay, silica and metal oxides.

? Holds high levels of ortho-phosphates in solution, even at a pH level at 9.0.

Technical Specifications 

AppearanceClear, Colorless to Amber Liquid
pH (neat)2.50-3.50
Specific Gravity @25℃1.15-1.25
Solid Content %47-50

Package and Storage:

Available in 551.16 lb.(250kg) drums and 2,755.75 lb.(1250kg) totes.

Shelf Life: 

At least three years if properly stored in unopened container.


Refer to MSDS for specific information.

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