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KIMA-S115 SS-MA is a Co-Polymer designed for use in chemical treatment of boiler waters. The addition of KIMA-S115 SS-MA to the boiler water effectively prevents the accumulation of scale and sludge and disperses or conditions accumulated sludge enabling it to be removed by blowdown. KIMA-S115 SS-MA prevents deposits from forming on the water side surfaces, maintains efficient heat transfer and decreases the incidence of boiler clean up, thus lowering operating costs.


? Excellent dispersions due to Sulphonate and Maleic groups.

? Excellent thermal and chemical stability

? High iron and silica tolerance

? Excellent alternative to the more costly Alco Versa TL4.

? Excellent hydrothermal stability

Technical Specifications (Co-Polymer) 

AppearanceAmber color: clear liquid
NatureSulphonated Styrene/Maleic Polymer
pH (as-is); @25℃6.5-8.0
Density @ 25℃1.20±0.05gm/cc
Viscosity,cps@25℃ Brookfield100-400 cps
Total Solid (%)25±1.5%
Solubility in WaterComplete

Package and Storage:

KIMA-S115 SS-MA is non-flammable, non-combustible. It should be stored under shade and should not be exposed to direct sunlight.

Available in 551.15 lb. (250kgs) drums.

Safety Protection:

KIMA-S115 SS-MA is generally safe, but avoid contact with eyes and skin. Do not take inernally.

Glovers and goggles should be used while handling and product, refer to MSDS for precautions.

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