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PRODUCTS > Professional Aqueous polymers > KIMA-S109 Phosphinosuccinic Oligomer (PSO)

KIMA-S109 Phosphinosuccinic Oligomer (PSO)


KIMA-S109 PSO (similar to Kao Asience; Nalco of USA) is Phosphinosuccinic Oligomer, no toxicity, soluble in water, high chemical stability and thermal stability, decomposed temperature above 300 oC. It has good compatibility when used together with other agents. It has good inhibition performance against scale formation for phosphate. Due to its good scale inhibition and high temperature tolerance properties, KIMA-S109 PSO is widely used in low-pressure boiler, centralized heating, centralized air-conditioner and all kinds of circulating cool water system. KIMA-S109 PSO can also be used to repair soil harden and provide nutrients for plants. 



KIMA-S109 PSO is highly used in ferrous metal corrosion inhibition. Oil field, ON-SHORE and  

OFF-SHORE pipelines, mining, mineral washing, evaporator in pulp industry, gas scrubbers etc., Nalco is using this product for ferrous metal corrosion inhibition as well. 

1.This product relates to a new class of scale and corrosion inhibitors, to inhibit corrosion in ferrous metal aqueous systems or water containing systems.

2. Localized corrosion such as pitting may pose a greater threat to the normal operation of the system than general corrosion because such corrosion will occur intensely in isolated small areas and is much more difficult to detect and monitor than general corrosion. Localized corrosion may cause perforation quickly and suddenly without giving any easily detectable early warning. 

Obviously, these perforations may cause leaks that may require unscheduled shutdown of the industrial aqueous system. Sudden failure of equipment due to corrosion could also result in environmental damage and/or present a serious threat to the safety of plant operations.

3. The product is a more cost-effective antiscalant and corrosion inhibitor—capable of inhibiting both localized and general corrosion—that is environmentally benign and halogen stable, can maintain its effectiveness in high stress (i.e., long HTI, high Ca2+, etc.) conditions and can also prevent scale formation.

4.This product is much better comparative to other corrosion inhibitors available as well as costs low and can be used alone or in combination with the conventional products used. 


AppearanceLight yellow to umber transparent liquid 
Solid content %48.0 min. 
Density (20℃) g/cm31.18 min. 
pH Value3.0 max. 
Total    phosphorus (PO4) %8 min. 


KIMA-S109 PSO is an excellent dispersing scale inhibitor. It has good compatibility when used together with other water treatment agents. 


KIMA-S109 PSO copolymer excels in the complicated conditions of circulating cool water system, such as extremely low temperature and severe polluted water quality. The product will maintain excellent heat transfer by its superior antiscale dispersancy. KIMA-S109 PSO has good corrosion inhibition effect when used together with zinc salt.


1) Industrial circulating water: as antiscalant and dispersant.

2) Oilfield refill water system: as scale and corrosion inhibitor, particularlly used as scale inhibitor for barium sulfate and strontium sulfate.

3) Agriculture: during the repairing of soil harden; it has good effect on soil loosening. It can be used as a plant fertilizer.

Package and Storage Recommendation:

1) Freezing or long term cold storage of KIMA-S109 PSO may cause some separation of the components. Although product performance is not impaired as long as the whole container is heated and well mixed, it is recommended to KIMA-S109 PSO from freezing.  

2) Normally in 200L plastic drum, IBC (1000L) can be used as required. Storage for 24 months in room shady and dry place. 

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