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PRODUCTS > Professional Aqueous polymers > KIMA-Y101 Copolymer of Polycarboxylic Acid and Carboxylic Ester (AA/HPA)

KIMA-Y101 Copolymer of Polycarboxylic Acid and Carboxylic Ester (AA/HPA)


KIMA-Y101 is copolymer of polycarboxylic acid and carboxylic ester(AA/HPA), no toxicity, soluble in water, high chemical stability and thermal stability. KIMA-Y101 AA/HPA is a polymer additive by special process, sallow powder. After adding into well drilling, under the action of one way pressure difference, it can have good sealing effect on various leakage of stratum, which is easy to use with good compatibility. Mud properties will not be affected. 

CAS No. 55719-33-0

Molecular Weight: 650000

Molecular Formula: ((C6H10O3)?(C3H4O2))X

Structural Formula: 


AppearancePale yellow powder
Solid content%≥98
PH value (1% water)6~8
Bulk Density (g/cm3)0.8
Viscosity (1% water, MPa.s@25℃)30~80

Character and Advantage

As for pore and micro crack leakage, KIMA-Y101 AA/HPA has the favorable effect of leaking stoppage with fast speed; It can rapidly form a certain strength of permeability with stop working liquid in the liquid and solid phases into the reservoir stratum, makes reservoir stratum out of damage. KIMA-Y101 AA/HPA can significantly reduce the filtration of mud, the rheological properties of slurry also will not be affected. Temperature resistance is excellent. It cannot be influenced by electrolyte pollution, non-toxic, harmless; Salt resistance and high temperature resistance. 


Oil field: as mud dispersant

Package and Storage Recommendation

1)Normally in 25L plastic bag, 1000L jumbo bag can be used as required. 

2)Storage for 24 months in room shady and dry place. 

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